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Special "American Pricing" - No Money, No Worries | Knowledge Leakage

12 April 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Special “American Pricing” – No Money, No Worries

It’s funny that I can miss a trip to the dentist, but I never forget a car check-up. I don’t know what makes my brain work when it comes to car repairs rather than my own body. However, I’m more ticked off when I get the paperwork after taking my car in. Last year, I bought the new Sazuki Kizashi. It’s a sporty little car that holds the road better than my previous Charger and Mustang. (Don’t get me wrong. I haven’t changed teams yet.) Every check mark in the “Pros” column overwhelmingly outweighed the checks in the “Cons” column. Until…


I got to Germany.


I ended up paying 200 Euros for this last check-up. I got an oil change and rear differential fluid replacement. Now, if you asked me what a rear differential was a month ago, I wouldn’t care as long as it worked. Now, I’m becoming a car repair expert because many businesses in Europe have “special American pricing.” They scrape your pockets until you’re left without a piece of lint to share. Now, I know how much an oil change usually costs me, so I was wondering just how much this rear differential fluid replacement was supposed to cost. Hmmm….


Lets do some simple math. 200 Euros is about $260. (This is after having a VAT form which exempts me from taxes. Otherwise I would be looking more in the $320 range.) An oil change in the states runs me about $60 and a rear differential fluid replacement runs between $50 – $95. How do I know? A cool little website call repairpal.com. I almost hate that it exists because it gives me another reason to be bitter at the unexplained dollar to euro value gap and the never ending “special American” fees. Is it accurate? For my car it is. I even checked with the Suzuki dealer in Clarksville, TN where I bought my car. I just learned that this site existed so I figure I share it with you guys.


After this post, I might start an “American Rip-Off” category for my posts.


Repairpal.com liked my review so it has become a sponsored post

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