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Street Artist to be Honored by Air Force Sergeant | Knowledge Leakage

06 July 2012 ~ 1 Comment

Street Artist to be Honored by Air Force Sergeant

Street Artist to be Honored by Air Force Sergeant

A unique set of circumstances has resulted in special honors for a highly talented street artist. The artist, Paul Wislotski, is also a self-proclaimed Christian missionary. He travels around the country creating one-of-a-kind works of art that typically involve the participation of passersby. As he travels around the country, Wislotski encourages the people he meets to participate in the creation of new works of art. The end results are dramatic and exciting, so Wislotski is slowly but surely earning quite a name for himself. Incredibly, he is about to be honored by a unit of the United States Air Force. The unit is awarding him with five challenge coins and showcasing his work in a very special way. Find out how this came about below.

A Unique Approach to Art

During his travels, Wislotski meets people from all walks of life. His goal is to encourage as many different types of people to participate in his work as possible. Another thing that really sets Wislotski apart is the fact that he uses unusual materials while creating his works. He’s also known for using bed sheets as canvases. One of his trademarks is encouraging strangers to allow him to trace their hand prints onto large bed sheets. The result is a truly one-of-a-kind work of art, and people are generally blown away by the style and talent that goes into his pieces.

A Chance Encounter

It was only a matter of time before Wislotski ran across someone who would potentially change the course of his career. In this case, he randomly met the sister of Sergeant Leonard Grajewski of the United States Air Force. After meeting Sergeant Grajewski’s sister, Wislotski presented her with a 60-square-foot canvas that he’d recently created. It included 150 traced hands. He asked her to send it along to her brother’s unit in Afghanistan, and she enthusiastically agreed to do so. Needless to say, the gorgeous work of art took the unit, which is known as the Swamp Foxes, completely by surprise.

Repaying a Kindness

The Swamp Foxes were so flattered and pleased by the surprise gift that they decided to repay Wislotski’s kindness. A challenge coin is a special medallion that features the emblem of an organization or a military branch or unit. It’s often given as a way to make a person an honorary member of that organization, military unit or branch. To thank Wislotski for his generous gift, the Swamp Foxes will present him with five of these coins in July. Grajewski himself will present Wislotski with the coins, which will be featured in a case that will also include a photo of Wislotski’s canvas draped over an F-16 and a flag that was flown in the street artist’s honor.

A Unique Friendship

Without a doubt, the surprise connection that’s been made between Wislotski, Grajewski and the Swamp Foxes exemplifies why the street artist has set out on his work in the first place. It’s allowed him to touch people’s lives in a very profound way. It also confirms the fact that people truly are inspired by the unique works of art that he creates. The challenge coins that he has received from the Swamp Foxes are tokens that reflect his thoughtfulness and kindness. He never would have received them if he hadn’t reached out to a far-flung Air Force unit in Afghanistan.

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